So, no, a ceiling of white sheetrock may not look like much to the average homeowner, but, to us, it is a sign that something terrible is gone! Remember those awful ceiling tiles in the Beaufort house? They are gone, gone, gone! 
 In their place is fresh, white sheetrock and thicker new moldings upstairs.

 Moldings up close. We can’t wait for the ones downstairs to go up! 

These thinner moldings still in our future bathroom are what they used to look like. You don’t think that wall needs any work, do you?
 Guest room has new ceilings and moldings too.
 And, Will’s room, previously a gutted mess is starting to actually look like a room!
I never thought I’d be so excited to see walls! As one of the workers said day before yesterday, (Yes, he was there finishing the upstairs molding on a Saturday) “It feels good that the tearing down is finished and the building back up has begun!”
 Speaking of walls, this one that now creates a hallway to get out of the upstairs deck in between what is now our master bedroom and bath is up!
 See? Bedroom doorway, wall, bathroom doorway.
 A little Good Will Hunting going on between our future bathroom sconces…
In other exciting news, we are heading to the High Point Furniture Market this weekend! We are so excited about all the fabulous finds that are sure to be there. Anyone else planning a trip??

Happy Monday, friends! Thanks, as always, for stopping by today!

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