Gen dress
We’re so excited to welcome our very fashionable new sponsor, Kayce Hughes, Bears and Pears
Women’s city dress
Well, half excited, half mad at all the money we’re going to be spending on all her great stuff! This is just the kind of dress we love to have to dress up, dress down and throw on any time.
Elenor blouse
This Elenor blouse is that perfect fall staple. We’ll be wearing it with black skinny pants — and cowboy boots, I think. I’ve realized that it really is true: Once you have kids comfort in footwear is exponentially more important.

Long sleeve knit tunic top
This knit tunic top is super cute for every day.
Women’s pj
And don’t these pajamas look divine? We all get new PJs for Christmas morning, and I think these will be under the tree Christmas Eve! Can you believe we’re even thinking about Christmas…?
Daisy dress pink corduroy with red piping
Kayce Hughes’ dresses are so sweet that they make me want a little girl…
Long sleeve boys’ pima set
And these precious PJs make me so glad I have a little boy! He’s going to be beyond adorable in these 🙂
Navy sneaker
And, since we’re just starting the shoe wardrobe, navy sneakers are an absolute must. They go with everything!
Small Dolly for the Maileg Collection
We’re pretty much obsessed with everything from the Maileg Collection. Will is always carrying around one of their mice or monkeys. This bunny is too, too cute!
Gold textured journal
This gold textured journal will most definitely be making an appearance in my stocking — even if I have to buy it for myself! I need a stylish place to jot down all those little things I might otherwise forget.
Happy weekend, friends!