We wish we had some super-exciting Beaufort news to share — you know, like moving in furniture. But, of course, it has only been two months… We are pretty thrilled that some of the old, mismatched windows have been replaced with larger, matching ones, like this big one in Mom and Dad’s bathroom.
 So, no, these might not have been the dream windows we would have chosen, but replacing every window in the house wasn’t quite in the budget. At any rate, the new kitchen windows look so much better than the old ones did. The kitchen looks lighter and brighter already!
Just a little reminder of the old window on this wall!
The trimwork on the outside looks great too!
 In other groundbreaking news, the electrician found another foot in the new half bath downstairs! Higher ceilings are always good news, right?
Combine that with rolls and rolls and rolls of insulation and more feet of wiring and pipes than we could have imagined and a new heating and air system, and we’ve come a long way, baby!

So let’s get down to some good stuff:

 We’ve started gathering furniture, lighting, accessories etc. This Currey & Company Grotto Chandelier was the starting point for the entrance foyer. It just arrived, and it definitely makes a statement!
 The chandelier will be hanging over this great dining table from Halo Styles.
A pair of this Rutledge occasional chair (Fabric TBD!) from Phillips Scott is also going on one side of the entrance…
With a gorgeous, handmade stool from Hampton Row (in another color, of course) in between.
This Regina Andrew Le Chic floor lamp will grace the corner of the room. 
And these Gascoigne chairs from Phillips Scott, the outside and back covered in raffia with another great, yet to be found fabric on the seat are going on the other side of the room.

Progress! It’s going to be so fun to see it all come together in a few months!
Thanks for stopping by today!