When we hear the word “burlap,” “chic,” isn’t usually what comes to mind.
This Photographer’s Life
But, far beyond potato sacks and seeding material, burlap can be a charming addition to a stylish home.
House Beautiful
The texture is great, the color is fabulously neutral and the price is… absolutely unbeatable!
Southern Living Idea House
For a laid-back feel in a charming entryway,
a touch of rustic in a writer’s retreat,
or a casual, unfussy finishing touch in a formal space,
Cote de Texas
burlap is so much more versatile than we ever would have believed.
Elle Decor
We’re thinking it might just make an appearance or two in the Beaufort house.
House Beautiful
What do you think of burlap?
The Lettered Cottage
Would you use it in your house or leave it to the potato sacks? 
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