We think one of the most fun things about design is how tastes and styles can evolve over time.
Mikhail Dantes Design
While only a few years ago we would have considered ourselves staunch traditionalists, our tastes have morphed to be much more eclectic.
Ashley Goforth Design
And thank goodness!
Suzie Anderson Home
These days, we find ourselves more and more drawn to contemporary art. 
Veere Grennery Design
While, previously, we would have put it in the box with strictly modern design, which we appreciated and thought we might want to implement “someday,” now we think contemporary art fits in with pretty much any design scheme.
An antique table and bamboo chairs… 
Chris Everard Photography
Or a dainty, tailored pleated skirt both pair well with an unexpected pop of art less ordinary.
Lynn Morgan Design
Instead of trying to pick art that “goes” in a room now, we’re trying to be a hair more adventurous and follow that time-tested rule that is so, so important.
Nato Welton Photography
Find a piece you love and worry about a place for it later!
Table Tonic
Because, after all, when it comes to the spaces where we live, work and play, isn’t being surrounded by things we love what it’s all about?