pretty world
Coming home is always a wonderful feeling. Pulling in the driveway, walking through the front door…
pretty world
That’s why we think the front door is so, incredibly important!
pretty stuff
We’ve been ruminating over color choices for the front door of the Beaufort house. It is white, white, white, and, looking at these homes, we can’t think of anything more classic and striking than a black front door. If you’re looking to do a little sprucing to your house too, it’s a great time to consider home improvement loans.

Pacific Peninsula Group – David Buergler Architect
It’s gorgeous on these white backdrops, but, really, we can’t think of any facade where a black door wouldn’t look great.
Southern Grace
The little black door…
Jeffrey Alan Marks
It’s the little black dress of entryways.
It’s a bold statement to mark the passage between the outside world and your indoor sanctuary.
It’s the dividing line between outside stress and indoor relaxation.
We can’t think of a better way to say, “Welcome home!” 
We hope you’re all lounging around in your fat pants after a resplendent day of turkey and a few too many treats. Happy weekend!