Burberry Prorsum
We’re having some awesomely warm weather this weekend here in N.C. We’ve hung our thick, wool coats up for a couple of days. The only problem is that it’s still cold in the mornings, so there’s that issue of what to wear, what to wear, what to wear! The classic, always fabulous trench has been our go-to piece.
Trench coats can conjure spy movies and detective shows, but every trench doesn’t have to look like Dick Tracy. The flounce in this trench is undeniably feminine — but still perfect for crime solving.
Tan is great, but colors can be wonderful. This lovely pink is perfect for spring!
A tight knot around the waist is our favorite way to cinch our trench. 
The trench gets trendy with this chic cape variation.
bourbon and pearls
The trench doesn’t have to be so buttoned up…
If a room needs a touch of black, maybe a trench does too?
Salvatore Ferragamo

Oh my goodness. It’s a tiny trench! Isn’t everything cuter when it’s littler?

Although they can be subdued and blend right in, a trench can always be an eye-catching accessory. I have one in orange and we both have a yellow (There’s Dick Tracy again…) for standing out in a crowd. Every year I say that a Burberry trench, that classic wardrobe staple, is going to be atop my Christmas list. This year, I’m thinking it’s a must! 
We hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend!