We know that many of you can’t make it through the day without stopping by to see our amazing, enchanting friend Tina of… The Enchanted Home. Her blog is one of our top daily reads, and we are so thrilled to be sharing our Christmas gift picks today. So make sure not to miss it! 
Donna Morgan Design
In other news… Don’t you just love round mirrors?
J. Randall Powers via House Beautiful
We do! 
Atlanta Home and Designs Magazine
Sans the sharp edges that square or rectangular mirrors can create, the endless round shape of a circle is eye-catching and beautiful. We’re obsessed with that tortoise shell too!
Mendelson Group
A round mirror is perfect for the bath. It’s even better when you can adjust the height for achieving that perfect light, no Clairol make-up mirror required.
Per Kristiansen Photography
Round shapes are great, but what frames them is even better. This asymmetrical wooden frame is rustic with a modern touch.
Architectural Digest
This intricate mirror is so gorgeous! We love the mirror-on-mirror look. It’s so elegant.
Massucco, Warner and Miller Design
Coastal chic!
Phoebe Howard Design
This mirror is so stunning.
What a relaxing place to bathe!
Amy Vermillion Design
Talk about a dream closet. Ahhh… to be so organized… We hope you all have a wonderful weekend!