So, as it turns out, they don’t just put you on Million Dollar Decorators for nothing.
We love watching Jeffrey Alan Marks’ on Bravo, but it’s his stunning design choices that we find truly captivating.
We love that he can make one outdoor space upscale chic, 

And another casually stylish. 

What an idyllic spot to daydream away an afternoon…

This is what we need. It always looks streamlined and organized even if sometimes the inside of one of those cabinets is filled with the result of last night’s the-outfit-I-thought-I-was-going-to-wear-doesn’t-look-cute mayhem.
What a great way to keep all your recipes and ingredients where you can see them. With this pantry, there’s no choice but to stay organized!
Now this is our idea of coastal chic!
A multi-use space has never looked so good. What a great place to work and relax!
We love how warm this kitchen is. That wood is exquisite!
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