Phoebe Howard
As you might remember from our post on gray and brass, I’m chomping at the bit to redo my master bedroom and bath.  
Phoebe Howard
I’m jumping on the bandwagon with the esteemed Phoebe Howard and the marvelous Mary Macdonald, and proclaiming that I need a canopy bed.
Phoebe Howard
It looks so luxurious…
Phoebe Howard
So romantic…
Dorya Interiors via Traditional Home
 So chic…
The no-curtain look is sleek and fabulous,
Tish Key
And lends that clean, streamlined feel that we adore. 
There’s something so warm, cozy and inviting, though, about luxuriating in all that fabric. 
Phoebe Howard
What a lovely spot for breakfast in bed!
Ruthie Summers via Veranda
Fit for a princess… 
How do you feel about canopy beds? Which one would you choose?
Happy Monday, friends! We hope it’s a wonderful week!