For ancient tress and spagnum moss to write home about, there’s nowhere quite like Charleston, SC. The lowcountry is home to great gumbo, horse-drawn carriages, and, of course, stunning homes. That’s why it’s the perfect place to kick off our new Wednesday series on home tours. If you’re like us, you’re a little nosy. We don’t necessarily care what our neighbors are doing, but we sure would love to take a peek inside their houses! Here’s our big chance!
If you’re going to start something new, we say start big. What is bigger than a farmhouse. On the water.  It’s both of our dream houses rolled into one!

Rustic beams and paneling lend this house that lived-in, been-here-forever look that you only find at the best places.
Well-placed antiques further add to the charm and style of this fabulous home.
Every getaway needs a library full of great books. After all, if you’re still plugged in, you’re not really away.

It truly is the simple things that make a house a home. A glass soap dispenser on a clean counter feels so calming.
We can’t imagine a more relaxing place to sit on a beautiful day.

I wanna live where the green grass grows… Watch my corn pop up in rows… We couldn’t have said it better, Tim.
Serene marshland is one of the things the lowcountry does best!

What a view! We’re big fans of what’s inside, but, we have to admit, it’s what outside that really sets this place apart.
We hope you’ve enjoyed our first home tour. Check back every Wednesday for a peek at the house and grounds of another amazing place!