There’s no way around it: Lee Ann Thornton is our kind of designer.
Her designs are homey and comfortable, yet chic, chic, chic. 
Beautiful blues are hard to come by, but this designer absolutely nails it. The patterns are fabulous too!
Those stairway nooks can be tricky, but we think this one is cozy and sweet — and genuinely might get some use.
We’ve been struggling with pendant size in the Beaufort kitchen. We like that these designers aren’t afraid to go big!
On the other hand, why use pendants when you can think outside the box?
We absolutely love a bar. It’s perfect for those on-the-run meals.
You had us at Perrier and lemons!
More of those gorgeous blues…
Blue and brown is such a winning combination.
The patterns in this room combine seamlessly.
We are obsessed with the pattern in this rug… and pretty much everything else in this entrance hall. 

We’re swooning over this fabulous bamboo chair and it’s fabric. Yes, please! 
We hope you agree that Lee Ann Thornton’s work is in good taste! 
Wishing you a tasteful Tuesday!