Traditional Home
We all know there’s only one chance to make a first impression.
Southern Grace
Nowhere is that truer than in regard to your home’s exterior. 
Emily Followill Photography
Paint, landscaping, shutters, and, of course, lighting, are all crucial elements of that design scape that says, “Welcome!”
Gywneth Paltrow’s home
Smaller lanterns can be charming…
Cote de Texas
But, when it comes to light fixtures, we always say bigger is better!
Stanley Dixon and Betty Burgess
The best lanterns are like perfect eyeliner.
Kriste Michelini Design
They don’t necessarily stand out, but they make everything look better all the same!
David Buergler Architect
There’s something to be said for a staid, simple exterior that’s easy to maintain.
miss wallflower
On the other hand, for more lavish schemes there’s always a contractor to help out…
Things That Inspire
The “rules” say that exterior lanterns should be between one third and one half of the height of front door.
Ralph Lauren
But it’s really all about personal choice! From the grand and elegant, 
Southern Grace
To the undeniably cozy, the right lighting takes every exterior to the next level.
We hope you all have an amazing weekend!