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Southern Living
Oh my Lord, do we ever love a double front porch.
Southern Living
Rocking chairs…
Catalyst Architects
Mint juleps…
The Hunnicutt Team
Fresh-squeezed lemonade…
wedding cake house, New Orleans
Maybe a few fireflies…
Coastal Living Magazine
All par for the course on a perfect, Southern, summer, porch-setting night.
Double porch Antebellum
Double front porches are the perfect place for saying “hey, y’all” to the neighbors as they stroll down the street.
Tria Giovan Photography
Or welcoming guests who stop by after church — while on their Sunday drive, of course.
Edmonston Alston House,  Charleston, SC
You could invite them in for a sweet tea.
Eh hem, shot of Crown.
But, if you ask us, we’d rather sip it right there on the porch.
Charleston, SC
If you really love double front porches, maybe you could take on these two. Kind of looks like the Beaufort house… All we can say is, if you decide to restore a pair of historic front porches for your own summer settin’, well, darling, bless your heart.