So we know, we know: you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. But, sometimes, good taste is evident before you even get inside.
And so it is with Andrew Skurman Architects. The outside is undeniably divine…
But delve deeper, and it just keeps getting better.
This fridge is definitely our taste. 
If there’s anything better than farmhouse sinks, it’s double farmhouse sinks! (If you want more, check out this post 🙂 )
We love antique linens, and our bathrooms overflow with them. But our kitchens? Never thought of it. Seems like a good new plan!
It’s nice to be reminded that great adventure is only a sail away.
Whoa. Right?
This palette is so soothing and elegant.
There are no words for this closet. What a dream!
A bubble bath in a fabulous tub like this is the perfect way to end a long day.
Another cover that, we must admit, we’re judging. We give it a 10! 
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