This is one of those rooms that serves so many purposes. With the banquette and table it can be used for lounging, dining — even napping! It’s just one of the gorgeous spaces from the designer whose work Elle Decor called “eclectic, livable and easy on the eyes.” We think it’s safe to say that Grant K. Gibson’s work is in good taste.
A small secretary is perhaps one of the most versatile pieces of furniture. It can be used for storage, for writing, for reading, for paying bills… I have one set up with stationery, so I’m always ready to write a thank-you note at a moment’s notice! (I said I’m ready. I didn’t say I actually always did it in a timely fashion….) We love a piece like this in a guest room.
 Natural-fiber carpet is so fabulous. It is both casual and sophisticated and blends beautifully with almost any color scheme.
From the floors to the ceilings nothing in this kitchen was left out.
We wish we were brave enough to convert a few hardwoods to statement-making, bold patterns like this. They add instant energy! And who couldn’t use a little more of that?
Accessorizing the bathroom is easy with 3-d rounds like these. We’re partial to sponges as well — as long as they’re sustainably harvested, of course.
Even in a light and neutral space, having an amazing, dark wood antique grounds and centers the space, giving it so much depth.
Flowers floating in a fabulous soaking tub? That’s good taste if we’ve ever seen it!
Yellow is such a sunny addition to a kitchen. It’s the right shade for the buzzing vibration and constant activity of the heart of the home. Floors like these must be taken care of! 
Pink! It’s for so much more than just little girls’ rooms! It’s almost as relaxing as that perfect spa blue, but so unexpected.
We hope your day is filled with wonderfully unexpected moments of the very best kind!