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Doors and windows are one of those things that are so crucial to the feel of a house but are quite often overlooked.
Chris Barret Design
Sometimes, we can go through them and look out of them many, many times a day and never give them a second thought.
When they’re as fabulous as these steel doors and casement windows, though, the panes in your home become something truly extraordinary. 
Sally Wheat Design
We usually think of steel as adding an industrial touch,

                                                             Mike Hammersmith,  Inc

but, when used the right way, these steel doors and windows add an antiqued, lived-in feel to a home.
McAlpine, Booth and Ferrier
They are sleek, clean and uncluttered,

                                                              Tiny Boxwood’s Cafe

while still maintaining an undeniable charm.                                                                       
Dave Burke Photography via Traditional Home
They add that all-important touch of black that every room needs,
Splendid Sass
somehow seem to make the light pouring in seem even brighter,
MD Lawson tumblr
and make a statement all their own, no window treatment required.
 Critall windows
Talk about intensifying the view! We could stare out any of these doors and windows all day long.
We hope your Thursday has room for a little daydreaming, whatever window you’re looking out. Thanks for stopping by!