Geoff Chick Design
An all-important part of any room — beyond the aesthetics, of course — is how comfortable  it is.
Caitlin Wilson
We love a gorgeous interior design scheme as much as the next girls, but, sometimes, it’s all about the comfort.
Mabley Handler Design
For our Beaufort house, we’re remodeling the third floor attic (which we have zero pictures of, by the way) that leads to the widow’s walk to be one of those great, all-purpose rooms. 
Country Living
Mainly, it will be a playroom for Will, a place to have friends over when he’s older, and a spot for people to congregate at parties when that big game is on. (Because that always happens, doesn’t it? And who wants to hear the TV droning in the background??)
So, when it comes to comfort, the couch might be king, but the chaise is queen. 
Jeffrey Bernett Design
Will and Dad vote for some sort of L or U-shaped chaise/couch configuration. 
Jute Interior
We see the merit in it for sure. And we did say that room was all about comfort…
Molly Frey Design
BUT… Though the all-in-one can be fun, but we’re always fans of the chaise/sofa combo. 
Jessica Helgerson Design
It feels less crowded to us and makes pathways seem more open.
Sarah Richarson Design
Plus, maybe it’s the only child in me, but I like to have my personal space. I think that explains my penchant for solo chaises. Mom is one of four and could cram on a couch with fifteen people, so I don’t know why she likes them so much…
The Zhush
Anyway, since it isn’t necessarily a psychology exam so much as an interior design challenge, what’s your feeling on the attached or detached chaise situation?
Nate Berkus Studio
One of the best parts of the chaise is that chic little side table that nestles in so sweetly beside it.
Lee F. Mindel Architect

Obviously this is completely too formal for a playroom, but isn’t this room stunning? What’s better than a touch of gold? Clear vote for the chaise… Please chime in, we need opinions! We hope you all have an amazing day!