If you visit us regularly, you know we’re all about bringing the outside in. Only, I realized yesterday, after talking about that very thing in regard to sailor’s knots, that sometimes it’s better to leave the outside… outside. I strolled back in the house with a peacefully sleeping baby to some serious noise. The mail coming through the mail slot? As I closed the door quietly behind me, the scrambling and scraping and thudding intensified, and I tiptoed to the living room expecting to find a room full of bear-sized raccoons tearing apart my furniture.  
I sighed with relief to discover that it wasn’t any big scary animal; it was only a bird. A sweet, chirping… darting, pointy-beaked, beady eyed, window-pecking terror. I covered my face and tried to open every living room window — silently, mind you. A sleeping baby in my house is no small feat. I cursed the painters who promised all of my windows had been re-opened while shooing away a horrifying, flapping creature from my face and trying to calm it in soothing tones. 
Finally, I opened the front door — again, quietly — and that terrifying thing beelined for my face, to which I screamed and dove bellyfirst onto the front landing. A bird darting at my face? Please. I’ve seen The Birds. The baby woke up, my neighbors got a good laugh, and I’m never again saying that bringing the outdoors in is always a good idea.
That darn bird left me a present too, right there on the windowsill. Talk about things you’d rather leave outside…
Anyway… I felt very fortunate this morning to examine the birds in their proper setting: the great outdoors. 
Beautiful interior decorating is great, but, we all know, if the outside doesn’t match the inside, it’s a big bust.
Fortunately, Howard Design Studio knows a thing or two about making those outsides come to life. Is this vertical garden not fabulous? Talk about taking advantage of all available space!
These garden planters are amazing! We love the sleek, crisp, clean feel of this entire space.
Garden water features are so zen and soothing. Maybe beside one of these we would actually meditate…
A garden fountain really is so peaceful.
There’s nothing quite so resplendent as huge, white hydrangeas. They’re our favorite indoors and out.
The use of this garden urn as a fountain is wonderful! 
This backyard is so serene we don’t think we’d ever need a vacation!

What a fabulous garden globe! The organic feel is perfect for chic garden decor.
We love the maintained, staid look of these gardens. We planted a couple of square foot boxes in our yard this year, so we’ll see how that goes! Our littlest farmer doesn’t quite understand that digging the seeds back up isn’t a part of the game. If even one of those poor things gets roots it will be a miracle!
We hope your weekend is filled with serene moments like this!