Peacock Kitchens
We’re finally only weeks away from finishing the Beaufort house. 
de Giulio Kitchens
So, it was time to pick kitchen countertops!
CJB Design
If you’ve ever been to a stoneyard, you know that slab after slab after slab of stone can get a little overwhelming.
Pacific Peninsula Group
Fortunately, we only had to look at one.
O’Brien Harris Design
When it comes to a clean, classic elegance that never gets old, white marble is the way to go.
Susan Gilmore Photography
While the shiny stuff can stain, stain, stain, a honed surface can be sealed to prevent those red wine spills and grape juice rings from becoming a part of your kitchen history.
St. Charles of New York
Lines and etches can still happen, but they’re less obvious.
Design Friend
Plus, it’s an old house. 
Cote de Texas
A well-worn, oft-used countertop fits right in.
Phoebe Howard Design
We went with a clean, straight edge like this.
Lauren Nelson Design
A rounded, ogee edge like this is sophisticated and chic.
Kate Davidson Design
But for that laid back feel we were striving for, we think something more casual was perfect.
Loi Thai – Tone on Tone Antiques 
It’s no coincidence that Mom’s design style obsession, Loi Thai, has honed marble in his fabulous kitchen…
Tina – The Enchanted Home
The lovely and talented Tina from the Enchanted Home has marble in her kitchen too.

                                                                  Windsor Smith Design

Do we get a marble farm sink too? A girl can dream… 
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