If there’s one thing that unites the diversely lovely stylings of HB Home, it’s luxury.
And no matter what our design budget, taste or style, couldn’t we all use a little more luxury in our life?
This perfectly set table complete with fresh flowers is one of those special little somethings that we can all use to make an ordinary day feel extraordinary.
It’s so easy to be intimidated by too much pattern, but doesn’t it add such a fun feel to a space?
Then again… there is something soothing about that classically neutral palette. 
Here is one of those delicious canopy beds we want to sink into… Can’t wait to get one of my own!
This color palette is so fabulous. The bright blue contrasts beautifully with this deep brown.
We adore a pink and brown color scheme too. Paired with a deep shade, pink is a perfect pick for any age.
Here’s another incredible example of that layering of patterns. 
Sigh… And, yet again, crisp white with a splash of blue is the ultimate scheme for a soothing bubble bath.
In a small space like this half bath it’s crucial to make every square inch count!
There’s no room a fabulous piece of art can’t bring together.
We would never ever have thought of putting these colors together. But, then again, we weren’t in House Beautiful
The splashes of gold add so much glamour!
What a chic space for a growing girl. The mix of pattern, color and texture is so much fun!
Thanks for coming by today, friends! We hope HB Home brightened your Tuesday as much as it did ours!