We should be touring the Beaufort house today. We know. How it happened that we worked on the house for days on end and forgot to take a single picture is beyond us. But we’ve done quite a bit of work and can’t wait to show all of you! 
So, instead of touring our house today, we’ll be touring this fabulous home by M.Frederick Interiors. We must say, it had us from “hello.” Anything looks fabulous with cedar shakes… Although, let’s be honest, this place would look incredible in any material!

This probably goes without saying, but we adore natural fiber rugs. They make a space feel so warm, inviting and just casual enough.

A little green makes any room feel more vibrant.

This kitchen is so yummy! We love a pristine, uncluttered countertop.

Sometimes it’s hard to show restraint in design, but it’s so worth it! Clean lines in materials with staying power are an unbeatable combination that feels oh so soothing.

Wow! Talk about a statement bath! This marble is out of this world!

Marble in the laundry room might be a pricey move, but we think it just might be worth it. Getting to see the gorgeous counters underneath would be motivation to keep that laundry put away!

And now for the best room in the house… We know where we’d spend all our time!

We would love to be a guest here any time at all! We hope you all had an incredible holiday weekend and got to be a guest somewhere fabulous. 
A big, huge (belated) “thank you” to all the men and women who fight to keep us safe and free every, single day and to the families who support them. We are grateful for all you do and all you sacrifice, and we think of you every time we see that big, beautiful American flag!
Speaking of being thankful… We love all of you, our wonderful readers. Thanks for all your sweet words and for taking the time to visit with us every day. We are lucky, lucky girls to have you as our friends!