It must have been Romeo and Juliet that first made it the ultimate in romantic locations.
From moonlit handholding to midnight kisses, and, of course, that all-important confession-of-undying-love monologue, there’s no better place for getting that stomach-drop feeling.
Georgiana Tumblr
Balconies certainly give us butterflies.
And they can almost always make us fall in love with a home’s exterior.

Elsa Soyars
Even if you can’t step our the door onto the balcony, it still looks beautiful when gracing the front of the home.
House Beautiful
If it comes with a fabulous view, all the better.
A river… The ocean… Chanel…
Parisian balcony
The airy openness of a wrought iron balcony is the perfect way to add depth without bulk.
Gorgeous flowering plants are icing on the balcony cake.
This is just the kind of ancient balcony we can imagine Juliet stepping onto and hearing that timeless soliloquy…
No matter the style, shape or feel, we think the balcony has the kind of epic staying power of — well — Shakespeare.