Candace Cavanaugh Design
We know we’ve mentioned this before, but we find the dining room one of the hardest rooms to enliven.
Andrea Brooks Design
Matching tables and chairs with a few accessories can be way too sedate. But we love dining rooms like this that take accessorizing seriously. The pops of turquoise make the room feel young and energetic.
Abby Wolf Weiss Interiors
We don’t know that wallpaper counts as an accessory per se, but a fun and shiny wallpaper is one of our favorite ways to infuse energy into a room.
Style at Home
For creating a light, fresh and fun look, nothing does the trick like informal furniture. We adore this white table and slipcovered chairs like those available from Shop4Furniture.
Enviable Designs
For a finished look any time keeping the table set adds that wow-factor to the dining room. Plus, then you’re ready for a dinner party at a moment’s notice.
Tracy Rhoades Interiors
These fabulous modern candlesticks are a far cry from Grandmother’s silver candelabra. This updated tablescape shows that combining the old with the new keeps things fresh.
Style at Home
We tend to stick with more subdued colors in the dining room, but bright pops are so much fun! How do you keep things interesting in your dining room?