A trip to Martha’s Vineyard is one of those things that’s exciting any old time. But it’s even more exciting when that trip is for a friend’s wedding!
We are spending the first two nights at our consistent Martha’s Vineyard favorite, the Harborview in Edgartown. Aren’t the grounds lovely? We can hardly wait! 
This is one of the Harborview’s rental boats. It feels like a Fitzgerald book.
So here’s where you, our sweet, savvy, well-traveled friends come in.
The wedding is in Menemsha, at the Beach Plum Inn, which looks fantastic! We’ll be occupied with wedding stuff for a lot of the time, but we were wondering if anyone had any Menemsha tips.
Although I guess you don’t really need much to do if you can just relax and enjoy the view! So what do you have on tap for summer travels? If you’re planning a getaway, Debenhams Travel Insurance is definitely worth looking into.
Anyway, we’re big fans of the charming streets of Edgartown and their idyllic little shops. 
Shouldn’t all towns look like this?
We can picture people moseying down to pay their water bill and stopping and chatting on these benches afterwards.
These people don’t need to make travel plans because this is their home on the water! Maybe they want us to come stay… This place would do nicely as well. If you’re reading this, homeowners, we’d be happy to housesit!

Thanks for stopping by today, everyone! We loved visiting with you and hope your weekend is great!