We all know what it takes to make a beautiful bathroom. Gorgeous stone, the perfect lighting, that just-right tub that is so very relaxing. If you’re like us, after making ten million tiny decisions about the bath, picking the right fixtures is one of those things you get over with at midnight when the plumber called at four and said he needed it tomorrow…
But, if these fabulous baths are any indication, we think we have that all wrong! This incredible bamboo shower is drool-worthy for sure. But, had that stunning shower head been a shade off or the sleek handles a little thicker, the entire look could have come off looking wrong, wrong, wrong!

We can’t imagine that much could happen in this bath that would deter us from soaking until we turned to prunes. But even a tub this graciously lovely and oversized could have been mishandled in the hands of the wrong faucet. (Isn’t that print wall amazing?!)
Everything about this bath is grand, right down to those luscious-looking, glass-ensconced salts. A too-small amateur faucet would have killed the look
The perfect surround, like one of these Mira Showers Shower Enclosures is the best way we can imagine to show off a to-die faucet. 
We think that brass bath hardware can be hard to pull off, but this bath does it beautifully! We like the combination with the black and that sleek door handle is just the right touch.

Atlanta Homes
If we’re a little scared of brass bathroom hardware we’re very scared of mixing metals in the bath. (Although, we did do it in Beaufort as you’ll soon see…) The contrast in these pendants is fabulous!

Home Bunch
Doesn’t a beautiful sponge make a shower? The shower isn’t somewhere we often think of accessorizing, but it really does matter. Who wants to peek in an intricately designed stone shower only to see a half-empty bottle of Pert Plus, four conditioners and three body washes? But we do have to ask: Where is their shampoo.
Millennium Cabinetry
We’re no strangers to candles by the bath. But candles in the shower? That’s really something! Do you think they go out when the shower is running? For the record, we think they have just the right amount of shower supplies inside this enclosure!
Design Investments
If you were designing your dream bath, what fabulous hardware would you choose? Do you think it matters?
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