Daniel Romualdez
We don’t know if it’s because that age-old “ba ba” tune has a special place in our hearts or if we just think sheep are adorable, but we are so charmed by them these days. It all started when Brooks Brothers began their “Fleece” collection, and, walking by the window, we stopped in not to see if we could by the clothes but if we could buy the sheep in the display. They said “no,” and we’ve been pining ever since. Not just for nurseries or children’s rooms, we think sheep in interiors are charming just about anywhere!

Waldo Fernandez

Daniel Romualdez

Design Kastle

Phillip Gorrivan

Pamplemousse Design

shape for bulbs

primitive and proper

zsa zsa bellagio

We love a touch of whimsy in any room and think these sheep do the trick.  What do you think? Happy Monday, friends!


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