House Plans and More
It’s the dream, isn’t it?
Anabel Ariole
The charming home with the white picket fence…
Better Homes and Gardens
It does SO MUCH MORE than just encapsulate the yard or keep the dogs (and children!) in.
Peter Zimmerman Architect
A white picket fence says, “Welcome!”
A picket fence adds a sense of history and the feeling of being safe inside.
Laurey W. Glenn Photography
If the white picket fence wins first prize, the unpainted picket fence is certainly a close second.
Home Bunch
Crisp and clean…
The Growers Daughter
Or lush with vegetation…
John Granen Photography
We like the picket fence any way!
Brandy Jaggers
But, we have to admit, we like it best when someone we love is playing nearby. (Okay, we don’t actually know this little boy, but aren’t you in love anyway?)
Do you love picket fences? We hope your day is wonderful!

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