Ralph Lauren
British Colonial style just feels like a vacation, doesn’t it? 

Cottage Industry
So it’s a good thing that you can even pack in British Colonial Style.

Mary McDonald
We love the hunt elements…

Ralph Lauren
The rich color tones…

The array of natural fibers…
Ralph Lauren
And, of course, no British Colonial look is complete without a few tropical plants scattered about.
One Kings Lane
This double sink is the peak of Colonial chic.
Trousers in Tartan
Can’t you see some very important government official from the past signing documents at this desk?

Decor to Adore
So we know these bed surrounds are intended to prevent intruders of the malaria-ridden kind. But they seem romantic all the same!

Eye for Design
The rich, dark tones of this style almost feel like they’re keeping a secret…
Ralph Lauren
We feel like this dining table and chairs should be set up in the midst of a several day hunt, where sleeping tents surround it in a makeshift village.
Hardie Boys, Inc
It all seems like something Joseph Conrad would write about… And this seems like somewhere we’d like to vacation!
Hardie Boys, Inc
What a treat to get to lounge on this porch!
And, speaking of treats, make sure you stop by Kendall Boggs’ blog. She’s having a SALE!! And she’s extending it for us! We have a bunch of her pieces and LOVE them all. (We had a local art show last weekend and people kept trying to buy her stuff off the walls!) Also, congrats to Kendall on moving to a new showroom — Ferrari Fine Art. So much to celebrate!