We all know that to-die-for bathrooms sell houses. But we think they’re so much more than that. The bathroom should be a sanctuary, a haven, a place to actually be by yourself for a second!
Of course, we don’t all have the budget for a solid carerra marble bath. (We know… Seriously? Amazing!) But, even if our baths aren’t cavernous and one of a kind, it’s always nice to get a little inspiration for those special touches that make it feel relaxing.
In the drool-worthy bath category, we think Drummonds designs all-stars. That’s why their work is in good taste this Tuesday! 
Tubs come in all shapes and sizes these days, but, for our soaking, there’s nothing like a cast iron tub. This one looks perfect for relaxing in bubbles up to our necks!
We’re fans of the bathroom/sitting room combo. If you have the room, why not? Who wouldn’t want to get out of the tub beside a roaring fire?
This stunning double sink is one of those incredible combinations old and new that add so much character to a home. It’s pretty obvious that all of Drummonds’ products are handmade.
Bathing is great. Bathing with a view is better. Did you see that hardware? We think our hearts just skipped a beat…
Talk about juxtaposition! This combination of rustic beams and upscale finishes is like nothing we’ve ever seen…

And we think it’s fabulous! That marble tub is incredible, but we’re even crazier about that fantastic towel bar. The ladder look is amazing and practical. Who can get by with only one towel?  
What does your dream bath look like?

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