Bringing natural stone indoors has certainly been a trend the past few years — and we hope it’s a trend with staying power. 
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We love the look that natural elements lend and how incredibly versatile they can be. In this kitchen, the limestone floor and lavender instantly say, “French country!” It’s so very chic… And are y’all as crazy for that bull as we are?
Limestone floors are one of our favorite examples of a natural element that can impart all kinds of different feels to a space. These gray tones are one of our favorites for instantly creating an English countryside feel. The mud-covered wellingtons don’t hurt either!
We know we’re talking about limestone floors here, but this marble island can’t just be glazed over… (No pun intended!) The limestone floor balances the marble perfectly so that the kitchen doesn’t feel stuffy.
CJB Interiors
This pattern feels tailored and slightly more formal in this stunning kitchen. 
Style at Home
Yet, this more unfinished limestone lends a casual feel to this dressy space. The dog helps too. Don’t you think adding an animal always makes a space feel cozier and like it’s okay to actually live there… and spill something from time to time?
There’s something so stark and simple about limestone tiles.  Limestone comes in a variety of colors, but it’s no surprise that this neutral is our favorite! The look is so European.
Better Homes and GardenThese creamier tiles are perfect for dictating a color scheme in this kitchen. We love that even the pasta on the counters pulls in the floor color! (Okay, so maybe they’re actually cooking with that, but we still give extra brownie points!)

Pine Street Carpenter
Limestone is a perfect choice for a bathroom too. Combined with the subway tile and glass doors, it’s a fabulous look.

Dee Dee Taylor
We tend to think of limestone as something that looks aged, like it has been around forever. But this version is ultra modern and fits perfectly in this sleek kitchen.
We love limestone paired with subway tile! The light and dark elements pair well for a room that feels warm and cozy but plenty bright. What’s your dream flooring?
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