Swedish Home
It flavors our mojitos in the most delightful way, but, oh, mint is good for so much more than just tasting!
This is Glamorous
Mint can be a throwback to a simpler time,
Annie Schlecter Photography
Frame our good side,
And accentuate our eyes.
Martha Stewart Living
Mint green creates a bath that blends but never competes with the nature just beyond,
everything fabulous
And gets us where we need to go when we’re feeling free and easy.
All the beautiful things
Nothing says “freedom” like a scooter. For zipping through alleys and flying past traffic, it’s a must.  Then you can focus on tasting gelato and stealing kisses… 
For other things that feel good on your lips, how about a little green lemonade? 
Bungalow Classic
For glass bottles that shimmer,
Lilies and Lace
Doors that say, “welcome,”
Tina’s Choice
Bangles that dazzle,
Grace Kelly via Town and Country Magazine
And princesses that never fail to be as graceful as their names, mint green is more than a little…

Well, magical. Here’s to a weekend that makes you believe!