The Fat Hydrangea
Our doors are one of the things we probably see most during the day. But, despite all that walking through, we give them little thought.


Maybe we tend not to notice them, though, because they aren’t as fabulous as these sliding doors! Sliding doors seamlessly create transitions between rooms without the inconvenience of all that space-stealing opening. 
Natasi Vail Design
Not only are they stylish, but sliding doors are perfect for spaces where opening the doors really isn’t an option because space is at a premium.

Rachael Halverson Design
Sliding doors can also be a crucial part of the design theme, breaking up large chunks of wall space. The combination of modern and rustic elements in this hallways is fabulous! This rustic ceiling is a charming touch and contrasts nicely with the modern windows. 

Barn doors are perfect for adding a rustic feel to a room. We love them especially in contrast to more modern elements.
Heather A. Wilson Architect
Even when they aren’t necessary for functional use, barn doors add so much style to a room. These wood doors add depth and warmth to this living room.
Without a sliding track, putting a door between these rooms would have been nearly impossible. For spaces that need to feel open, putting a French door on a track is a great option.
C. Designs
Sliding door hardware is one of our favorite parts of using this type of door in a design scheme. This silver track and coordinating handle are simple, clean and modern.
Shelter Interiors
We love using black hardware as that all-important “touch of black” in a room. It’s a perfect contrast to a white wall.
NB Design Group
Sliding door hardware doesn’t have to be simple. The wheels on this track lend that authentic barn door feel!
a tree lined street
If you’re like us, storage space is always at a premium. Sometimes in those nooks there simply isn’t space for doors that open. Tucking those essentials behind a sliding door is a great solution.
These enormous barn doors connect the indoors and outdoors in total style. Talk about chic!
Thanks so much for letting us into your living room today! (Would it look better with a barn door?!)

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