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It doesn’t sound altogether glamorous, does it?

Generally reserved for driveways and sidewalks, we don’t think of it as something that could be fabulous indoors.

Taverne Agency
But we are loving the look of concrete sinks.

A cast concrete basin is chicly modern without being too sparse.

Stellan Herner Photography
The imperfect finish of a concrete sink gives a look of age while still being interesting.

m.elle design
A concrete sink pairs beautifully with wood for a rustic, outdoorsy feel.

Some are super smooth, but we think we prefer the texture of this more unfinished concrete.

Skona Hem
One of our favorite things about concrete sinks is their fabulous range of earth tones. 
Carrie Shuller
From tans to grays to shades of white, finding the perfect color is easy.
Cote Sud
And, while we love a down-to-earth look, a concrete sink can be the ideal piece in a more glamorous bath as well.
A concrete sink is great against any wall, but we like it most against four walls of concrete. The feeling is streamlined, simple, sublime…
What’s better than a concrete sink? A concrete farmhouse sink. What a fabulous look!
Would you use a concrete sink in your home?
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