We aren’t in the Hamptons this Sunday. If you aren’t either, we thought you might enjoy pretending like you are for a few minutes. (We did!)
This sleek and modern home is easy and fuss free while still feeling warm, cozy and super relaxing — everything a vacation home should be!
We suspect we would spend an awful lot of time with our feet up on this coffee table and our noses in a good book from these shelves. The beams and bookcase lighting are special touches that make this place feel fabulous!
The soft blue-gray of these cabinets are the ultimate in classic seaside decor. This wide open floor space is great for accommodating too many cooks in the kitchen!
This beautiful sun deck looks as comfortable as it is cool. 
The architecture of this place is simply amazing! This modern aesthetic is fabulous!
In a super chic and modern home like this, (or in any home for that matter!) preserving the earth easier is getting easier by the minute! Solar panels and heat pumps from Solar Tech make going green — and saving some green — a breeze!
Wherever you are this lovely Sunday, we hope you’re feeling right at home! Thanks for letting us be a part of your afternoon!

Source: Home Adore


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