El Muebe
We always have a hard time picking a favorite element in a well-designed room. Is it the furniture? The accessories? The lighting? It varies from day to day, but, for the moment, we have to say that we are absolutely adoring doors.
everything beautiful
Doors may not seem like they are a part of the design scheme as much as they are the architecture. But it really all goes hand in hand doesn’t it? These stunning French doors seamlessly connect the outdoors to the inside. And they complement the age of the house perfectly.
Coastal Living Magazine
The doors and door hardware in this refined living/dining area are almost as spectacular as the view! The top-to-bottom glass ensures that the sun streams in and the view can be seen from any seat in the house.
House and Home
But, then again, there’s something to be said for ditching the glass — and letting what’s behind make grand entrance. If this was our closet, we’d do just that! Hermes, Tiffany, Chanel… Oh my!
Dowling Kim Studios
Leading onto a terrace, there’s nothing like a pair of fabulous French doors for a little sneak preview. It’s so important to consider the color of a pair of French doors that will affect the scheme of the room. We think black is always a great choice.
Mallory Elisabeth
This room is so gorgeous! The weathered green on the doors contributes to not only the color scheme but also to the weathered, lived-in look of the room. 
Everything Beautiful
To curtain, or not to curtain… There’s something so elegant about a pair of light sheers dancing in the breeze. It says, “Yes, I’m relaxing with a glass of champagne!”
Jan Gleysteen Architects
But, then again, with doors so beautiful, there’s no need to cover a thing with drapes!
Jeff Herr Photography
Of course, when the bathroom is considered, it’s probably best to have a little something to maintain the modesty. The juxtaposition of these soft, lovely drapes with the bolder steel doors is wonderful!
Historic Homes
These shutters are a great choice too. This goes to show that, though the doors are important, picking the right hardware is crucial for obtaining the ideal look to complement a room.

Nate Berkus Design
Soaking tub. Marble. French doors. Terrace. View. We couldn’t ask for anything more. Wishing you a day as perfect as this bath!