Jan Showers is at it again!
Harbour Island 
You may have caught her last bestseller Glamorous Rooms. If so, you know you’re in for a real treat with Glamorous Retreats.
Showcasing Showers’ work on vacation locales across the US, Carribean, and Canada, it’s like Spring Break in a book. 
The designer’s blend of Hollywood high style, mid-century modernism and classic 18th century French shines through in each locale creating spaces that are glamorous yet accessible.
The designer! Aren’t those orchids divine?
W Dallas Victory Hotel and Residences
This is a sneak peek into the more than 200 never before seen photos in the new book, which is set to release October 1. (Little Will’s second birthday!)
Beaver Creek
From delightful dining…
to sleeping in style…
Toronto Sculpture Garden
This book has it all! 
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