A perfect gift really is all about the wrapping, a fact that Howard Slatkin, designer and author of the new book Fifth Avenue Style, knows oh so well. And, as the holidays approach, this huge, gorgeous, and all-tied-up book is one of those gifts that needs no wrapping…
Fifth Avenue Style is a showcase of Slatkin’s Fifth Avenue apartment that, let’s face it, is way too fabulous to be labeled pied a terre, though it’s certainly not his full-time residence.
If we could sum this out-of-this-world home up in one word, it would be: finished. We’re sure the talented designer will always be tweaking (because aren’t we all in our own homes?), but this is one of those places that seems to be immaculately, infinitely finished.

Whatever word you choose, there’s little doubt that from stem to stern, Slatkin’s New York port is as fabulously appointed as anything our imaginations could conjure.
Every room is a work of art, the kind of place that the eye can’t help but travel over and over and over again, discovering something new in which to delight at every pass. And the same could be said for the pages of Fifth Avenue Style.
Slatkin said that this Fifth Avenue paradise was a blank canvas on which he could fully express himself — and give the talented artisans with whom he worked the opportunity to reveal their talents to the fullest. After years of unveiling the dreams of his clients, this was Slatkin’s turn. And we would say his creation is a dream come true, indeed.
From the looks of the luscious table settings, one gets the feeling dining at the Slatkin residence is an experience not to be forgotten. And, in so many ways, we think that truly treating others to a once-in-a-lifetime type of night is one of the lost pleasures of life. Slatkin reveals in his book that guests are always greeted with a tray of ice cold champagne. We can’t think of anything better!
One gets the feeling from a view of the candle room that, once properly wined and dined, guests never leave empty handed either. One of the things we noticed most about this apartment is that, amongst the opulence of it all, Slatkin seems to remember life’s simple luxuries too.
One of the most interesting features of this home, to us, is the way that every door seamlessly fits with the wall around it, as though one must go looking for the exit. And, let’s face it, who would ever want to leave? 
Slatkin describes home as one of life’s pure pleasures and explains that one of the greatest joys of this project was being able to work without constraints. Time, for once, was not in short supply. It is clear that the reflection on every detail of this home and the time spent revising the original plan or rethinking every last detail have made it a true masterpiece.
The cornice and embroidered fabric in Howard’s room are two such details that make the room come to life. Slatkin describes the necessity of having a point of departure (POD) for a room, a jumping off point that starts the creative process.  We think this incredible molding could be anyone’s POD!
Talk about a closet! It’s easy to forget about those stunning details in the private spaces, but, at the end of the day, what’s more important in the house than the places we spend the most time?
So, no, we may not all be able to aspire to Fifth Avenue Style, but, even on the less glamorous avenues of the world, there’s much to learn from Slatkin’s enviable piece of Manhattan’s skyline. Living surrounded by things you love is non-negotiable, even the spaces people don’t see can be fabulous, and — most important — not only the devil but also the magic is in the details. 
We want to thank Howard for the gorgeous peek inside his apartment via Fifth Avenue Styleand for letting us be a part of the release party at Bergdorf. We wish you much success and can’t wait to give the signed copies we procured as Christmas gifts — no additional wrapping required!