We all know it’s true: Everything is bigger in Texas.
But, sometimes, bigger is better — especially when the bigger refers to a free-hanging staircase….
Or dentil molding. 
Obviously, when it comes to the details, Curtis-Windham Architects doesn’t scrimp. We’re obsessed with the way the kitchen feels cozy and cottagey, while the more formal rooms are gracious and grand.
Speaking of obsessed… Now that is a landscape.
There are certainly some things that you can have too much of in architecture. But we don’t think porches are one of them…
Or loungers by the pool. 
The landscape of this yard is so beautiful. It is perfectly manicured yet totally simple. Clean and streamlined like we want our interiors to be!
Cedar roofs are one of the elements that we think add instant charm. One of our favorite architectural elements of this home is the mixture of materials. It adds such interest and makes somewhere large seem friendly and approachable.
Not one detail was forgotten on this property. And, looking at this darling outbuilding we think we’ve changed our minds: Maybe good things come in small packages after all.
Big or small, hoping every detail of your day is just right!


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