After years of living surrounded by hoards of beautiful things, this Greenwich couple decided to downsize in style and, yes, clear the clutter.
We can totally relate. 
Accessories are nice, sure. But, sometimes you just need a clean canvas for creating a simpler life.
Bathed in neutrals and shades of blue, this gorgeous Greenwich home is soothing, relaxed and the kind of place that makes us want to pare down and breathe!
Sometimes we think an open floor plan can feel a little too cavernous. 
But this ideally dreamed home creates that open feeling of seamless transition from one room to the next without the feeling of a giant, cold space.
The paneled den especially exudes the kind of warmth that can’t help but make a place feel like home — making the need for mounds of family photos completely unnecessary.
Despite a more modern floor plan, this gem in Greenwich still maintains that country feel that is so charming and timeless.
A blue master retreat picks up the tones of the rest of the home. And, we think you might agree, when living well with fewer things, white Chanel is always the perfect accessory.
The spacious master is comfortable, luxurious and leaves plenty of open space for dreaming.
The bath is simple elegance at its best. Just add bubbles!
This darling garage masquerading as a guest house is one of our favorite things about the property. And the landscape is the ideal accessory. We hope you’ve enjoyed touring this gorgeous Greenwich home as  much as we have!
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We’re so excited because we’re heading to NYC at the end of the week for a much-needed girls’ trip! We can’t wait to attend this event for Howard Slatkin’s gorgeous book, Fifth Avenue Style. Is anyone else going? We’d love to hang out! (I mean, in real life. We sort of hang out every day already… !)

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