We had the pleasure of spending last week in the lovely — and delightfully fall feeling — Martha’s Vineyard.
As if the combination of beach and mountain landscapes and unbelievable views weren’t enough, we could marvel for days at the stunning architecture!
If you’re a regular on our blog, you know that Patrick Ahearn has come up more than a few times… And we walked by his office more than a few times over the course of the trip!
And, now that we’re home, we get to “walk” inside one of his more fabulous creations.
Every room focuses on the one thing that money can’t buy: the view. (Well, obviously money can buy the view but not the elements that create the view!)
Authentic architectural details like the ceilings create the feeling of Martha’s Vineyard history.
This probably doesn’t come as a shock… But we are obsessed with this crisp, clean color palette.
The art really does the talking in every room!
If a seaside home should be anything, it’s light. The light through the bookcases — and, of course, that incredible skylight — are thoughtful details that make the home feel bright.
The air of this home — like the air of the island itself — is elegant and refined yet simple and functional. We think it’s the best combination.
This spacious suite is ideal for relaxing. We love the use of the portrait lights over these prints. They really make every piece feel incredibly special!
The setup of this bathroom is so cool! The double-entry shower is another one of those architectural touches that make people like Patrick Ahearn so indispensable!
This house tour already has us dreaming of our next trip to the Vineyard… And little Will (Happy 2nd birthday, little boy!) hasn’t stopped talking about the “baby plane” we took from Boston since he stepped off of it. We’ll leave that daydreaming to him — and stick to visions of gorgeous homes like this one! Wishing all of you a daydreamy kind of day!

Source: Patrick Ahearn Architect



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