Do you ever see a house and think Yup. That’s somewhere I’d like to move right in. Us too. This lovely home, designed by stylist Kara Rosenlund is definitely one of those places.
The fact that she’s a vintage wares dealer shines through at every turn. Natural fiber rugs are, to us, the ultimate way to create a laid-back feel in an instant. We love them dressed up or dressed down! 
Perfect rooms are nice for pictures, but, every now and then, you want to be reminded that someone actually lives in a home. Quirky touches and disheveled details are one of the main reasons we think this home is in good taste!
The contrast of the gold table with the vintage shutters is so fabulous! And the combination of textures in this room is sublime.
White and stainless is the ultimate in crisp kitchen combinations. We love the white accessories, dishes and, most of all, those fantastic jars with cork lids
Touches of wood against stark white add great dimension. The bread boards on the wall add that artistic flavor without looking too contrived.
We don’t know one, single thing about Rosenlund’s process… But you can just tell by this home that everything in it is something collected and, most of all, loved! Don’t we all deserve to be surrounded by things we love? Speaking of love, we love juju hats — especially this one peeking in the side of the photo!
This is the sweetest rug! We love it with the modern table and classic chairs. Beautiful!
For keeping things super simple, there’s nothing like a fabulous tortoise shell. It’s eye catching without being overpowering.
Library ladders don’t have to lead a single place to be super cool. They’re especially great in rooms with  t-a-l-l ceilings!
Kara Rosenlund Stylist
From the bath to the bedroom and everywhere in between, woven baskets are, without a doubt, our favorite pick for stylish storage. Nothing’s better for keeping towels at an arm’s length! We could relax anywhere in this home, but this tub puts this house over the top for us! 
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