Kara Rosenlund Stylist
It’s oh so very hard to take that plunge… But once that first dark hardwood is painted white — aka, the point of no return — it all seems so very worth it!
Laura Hay Design
What dark stain adds in staid elegance, white paint adds in laid-back chic.
 Victoria and Albert Baths
White hardwoods tie together uber-sophisticated elements to make them feel livable and fresh.
1st Option
White hardwoods add a certain simplicity that is instantly calming and soothing. Paired with a warm bath and fresh flowers, the look is simple lovely!
Kathryn Scott Design
White hardwoods provide a seamless transition between a white tiled bathroom. And seeing your wardrobe against a white backdrop is always helpful.
Shades of white are great. Shades of white paired with shades of gray are almost too good! This room feels classic yet modern — and we think the color scheme is a huge contributor.
Jonathan Adler Design
Of course, we don’t all have the nerve to pull out that paintbrush. 
Kate Spade pop up store
White hardwoods are the ideal backdrop for a beautiful statement rug — or statement painting! 
Living, Etc
Our favorite look is a bit of wood on top of a white hardwood — and it’s totally gender neutral. (Will had this crib!) If one is good, two really is better!

Jennifer Worts Design
Lustrous, shiny white lacquer on a porch is one of our favorite, favorite uses of white hardwoods. It’s perfect for happy relaxing and bringing in the light. 
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