The Welcoming House circa interiors
We’re not regionally prejudiced, but it sure is fun to see stunning decor in the pages of a gorgeous book from designers practically down the street. 
The Welcoming House circa interiors
Circa Interiors in Charlotte, NC has long been one of our favorite spots for fabulous finds.
So it comes as no surprise that Jane Schwab and Cindy Smith’s work is the subject of a new coffee table book that we’re totally crazy about.
The Welcoming House is just that. Welcoming.
And, above all, that’s what we want out of our homes. Welcoming to guests, and, of course, to us — the people who are coming home to it every single day.
We know we would feel welcome coming to home to this kitchen and whipping up dinner every night. The cabinets are incredible.
Everything about this kitchen is amazing but our favorite part is that range! 
Circa Interiors Dining room
Dining rooms are always one of our favorites because they signal good food and great connections with friends and family. 
Circa Interiors dining room
These ladies know that sitting around the table for long after the meal is always a good idea — so comfortable chairs are an absolute must!
This is such a gorgeous guest retreat.  Why would you ever want to leave?
bedroom circa interiors
A canopy is so luscious; it adds a luxe touch to any bedroom.
What do you think makes a home welcoming?
living room circa interiors
Thanks so much for having us to your house today!

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