The Daily Basics
The holidays have completely snuck up on us this year. It was just July, and then we turned around and it’s almost Thanksgiving!
Greige Design
And isn’t that so great?
Colin Cowie
We don’t even have to ask because we know you love the holidays. Who doesn’t?
Martha Stewart
Fun, friends, family and, oh yes, FOOD!

Chef Robi White
And you know when food is involved that means one thing: We get to set the table… Any old way we want!

Pretty Stuff
Doesn’t taking the time to set a gorgeous table feel like a little luxury?
Furbish Studio
We love this fun, eclectic, festive table.
James Farmer
And the colors and flavors of fall are so welcome at any Thanksgiving table.
Martha Stewart
Metallics instantly make a table glamorous. Gold flatware feels special for the holidays.
If you’re like us, even this post won’t be reminder enough to get us on the stick and motivated for setting the perfect Thanksgiving table… Thank goodness this simple but stunning display is as easy as a run to the farmer’s market and a sharp scissor to the turned hydrangeas out the window. Beautiful!
Of course, if you have a little more time, nothing makes the guests around the table feel thankful quite like an over-the-top table setting that doesn’t leave one detail overlooked. How do you plan to set your Thanksgiving table?