Coty Farquhay
There’s no doubt about it: Some things simply get better with age.
My Country Home
Wine, dry-aged beef, and, of course, linens.

Karen Lawson

We can buy them, monogram them and try to make them look old…

Linen Interiors
But, as with so many things in life, there’s no substitute for the real thing!
Seda y nacar
Yup, you guessed it. We are crazy about antique linens.
Of course, the family heirlooms, the ones with family members’ monograms and special memories woven into their fibers, are the best.
But, even those without special significance to us look gorgeous hanging in the powder room!
Barbara Maule
It’s something to think about when deciding whether to splurge on those pricey linens that are sure to become heirlooms for our heirs…
I’ll admit it: I’m pretty bad about buying Christmas gifts for myself. But gorgeous linens make that trend seem a little less selfish… Something beautiful to enjoy today that can be enjoyed for decades to come by someone else. (We can rationalize anything!) We hope your holiday shopping — and entertaining — is going as beautifully as, well, antique linens!


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