Elegant Classy
Get inspired, festive friends!
And George
Santa is coming down the chimney in a matter of days, and, if you’re like us, you want to make sure that mantle is in great shape when he does!
Tres Peak of Chic
You know us: We completely adore simplicity in decor. And nothing is fresher or more festive than plain, pine roping…
Mix and Chic
Or some stunning metallics!

Charlotte Moss viaVeranda
But, if there’s any time to go over the top, it’s the holidays!

Country Living
What we love about holiday decorations these days is that there are the perfect decorations for any interior. White-washed, cozy, a tiny bit rustic…
Erica George Dines Photography via Veranda
Or upscale and elegant…
Every hall can be decked to blend seamlessly with the rest of the home!
Tobi Fairley
Why relegate the bows to the packages? Everything’s better when it’s wrapped!

And to make that mantle extra, super special, you need a really eye-catching, one-of-a-kind accessory, right?

We are FREAKING OUT over Kendall Boggs’ gorgeous new line of bottles, Grace 11:11. 

We want one for every, single person on our Christmas list — including ourselves, clearly. (Truth: Especially ourselves!)

The story behind the line is even more amazing. Warning: It will leave you a little teary — but with that warm, fuzzy, Christmas miracle feeling.

Are they not so beautiful? To find out how to get your own treasure, visit Kendall’s blog, or contact Ferrari Fine Art.
Love to you all this holiday season! Take a few minutes today to relax by the fire. You deserve it!


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