We love pretty much everything about the winter. The festive atmosphere, the holiday cheer, the occasional snow.
Urban Electric
The only drawback? Well, there is that pesky cold weather to contend with…

Emily Followill Photography
But freezing temperatures don’t have to equate to hiding under the covers and hibernating until Spring.

Wendy Posard
A fabulous outdoor fireplace creates plenty of opportunity for bundling up and keeping warm while still enjoying the great outdoors.
Suzanne Kasler’s Home via Architectural Digest
Besides no holiday is complete without a few marshmallow roasting, s’more making memories!
Rachel Halvorson
Just like it isn’t really Christmas until the tree is up, the outdoor fireplace would be nowhere without chic yet comfy outdoor furniture.  And don’t forget the throws for extra warmth!
Better Homes and Gardens
The outdoor living room really is one of the best rooms of the house, no matter what’s inside.
House Beautiful
So why relegate it to only those warm days?
Lucas Studio via House Beautiful
Watching the game on the porch can easily work in any season!
Fernwood Farmhouse
Because Jackfrost nipping at our nose puts us in the holiday spirit… But we don’t won’t to let him get carried away! 
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