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The holidays always seem to begin, unravel and wrap right back up in the same place: the kitchen.
A home homecooked meal and a warm hearth seem to bring families together no matter how far away they have been all year long.
House Beautiful
And these, we would say, are certainly kitchens worth coming home to!
Greg Natale
We hate to admit it, but we’re kind of by the book when it comes to our kitchens.
White cabinets are standard — grey cabinets are a bit of a dip into the deep end, despite the fact that gray is one of our favorite colors. (Why, why are we so boring?!)
Miles Redd
But when we see these kitchens, bold and bright in all of their cabinet-painted glory, it makes us want to plunge right in.
Arent and Pyke
Kitchens tend to have very few colors, so they are a great place to branch out and do something unexpected.
The combination of two painted cabinet colors is classic and chic. Streamlined, gorgeous cabinets, like those at Wren Living, are always in style.
Combined with sleek finishes, painted cabinets give any kitchen timeless appeal.
House Beautiful
At home or far away, no matter where your holidays take place, we hope they’re off to a beautiful start!


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