All things pretty
As we get older, have more children and accumulate more stuff, the word becomes sweeter and sweeter: Ahhh, storage!
Portico Design
Especially during this season, when we’re contemplating where all the decorations will go when we’re finished with them, storage space seems especially important.
But, as it is with everything in fabulous design, haphazardly throwing things into a closet isn’t really what we’re going for… This amazing nook turns a morning ritual into an experience!
Dillon Kyle Architect
And book storage is magically transformed into a space where a child’s imagination can run free.
Andrew Grinton Photography
That extra space under the stairs could easily become a cluttered mess. But attractive baskets keep things hidden away. Even Rover has a place for his toys!
The bathroom always seems to us to be one of the hardest places to pare… With all the products it can get messy in the blink of an eye!
Williams and Spada
On the flip side, it’s one of the places where organization gets the most bang for its buck. Those stacks of fresh, clean towels and neatly packaged candles that turn bathing into a spa-like experience…
Williams and Spada
It’s amazing to start and end the day in a peaceful, eye-sore free sanctuary.
Incorporating drawers into a spot like this turns a comfy spot for lounging into so much more.
Talk about having to stay organized! Having a little glass is definitely good motivation… 
Hope you’re having a great day! Nine shopping days left!

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